Thursday, March 12, 2009

When will Americans become wiser?

We are in our current economic crisis because many politicians, almost all on the left, believed and still believe that giving subprime loans to those who normally aren't credit-worthy is a great way to help the poor who normally wouldn't own a home. As with all such short-sighted attempts by the left at compassion, the long term impact has been far worse to the entire country than if they just did nothing. When will we have intelligent compassion from our political leaders where the long term cost is measured against the short term gain? We have many examples to use as yardsticks (Social Security, Medicare/Medicaid, Freddie Mac, etc.) of what the long term costs are and yet when the Democrats take over government, they keep ignoring history and keep repeating it over and over again making each successive bad decision bigger than the previous one. As for the Republicans, they are not much better when they take power. The best they can say is that they increase government spending at not much of a lower rate than the Democrats. But these idiots wouldn't be in power if we didn't vote for them which comes the crux of the problem: most Americans are idiots. The leaders' financial irresponsibility only reflect our own. How can we expect our leaders to choose the right financial course when most of us can't live within our means? How can we expect our leaders to care about the long term costs and real issues when we vote for leaders based mainly on historical significance and how much they promise to give us? I can only hope that in the future, wisdom will come as Americans age and that with longevity increasing, the wiser voters will become a lasting majority.