Monday, December 4, 2006

John Bolton

Bolton is given short shrift for his successful work in the UN. He actually made it more than a glorified chat room. Under Bolton, he was able to block Chavez from getting a security council seat proving that the US isn't as hated as some critics assume. Bolton was able to get China and Russia to agree on sanctions against North Korea which was thought impossible with or without a nuclear North Korea. He was able to have the UN agree on how to react to Hamas' takeover of the Palestinian government. Bolton was able to get the UN to agree to send in a real peacekeeping force into Lebanon after the Israeli-Hezbollah conflict. These are all things that detractors of Bolton said would never happen if he was sent to the UN. Bolton deserves to stay because he has proven to make positive things happen in the UN, but he will be a casualty because his bluntness and his party affiliation has earned him political enemies in the USA.

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