Tuesday, March 25, 2008

"This world has serious problems and it’s time for America to start addressing them."

From http://www.nytimes.com/2008/03/25/us/25dead.web.html?pagewanted=2&ei=5087&em&en=5f66d02b29e6258b&ex=1206590400 :

Six of the Fallen, in Words They Sent Home



“What the hell happened?” any intelligent American might ask themselves throughout their day. While the ignorant, dragging themselves to thier closed off cubicle, contemplate the simple things in life such as “fast food tonight?” or “I wonder what motivated Brittany Spears to shave her unsightly, mishaped domepiece?”

To the simpleton, this news might appear “devastating.” I assume not everyone thinks this way, but from my little corner of the earth, Iraq, a spot in the world a majority of Americans could’nt point out on the map, it certainly appears so. This little piece of truly, heart-breaking news captured headlines and apparently American imaginations as FOX news did a two hour, truly enlightening piece of breaking news history. American veiwers watched intently, and impatiently as the pretty colors flashed and the media exposed the inner workings of Brittany’s obviously, deep character. I was amazed, truly dumbfounded wondering how we as Americans have sank so low. To all Americans I have but one phrase that helps me throughout my day of constant dangers and ever present death around the corner, “WHO THE [expletive] CARES!” Wow America, we have truly become a nation of self-absorbed retards. ... This world has serious problems and it’s time for America to start addressing them.

Ryan Wood, Myspace blog, May 26, 2007'


Anonymous said...

in a way, you are correct that Americans have been placed into a level where everything outside their realm is just another flashy news story. But this, I think, is a mark that we have evolved as a nation and a people. When our lives are so simple that we can afford to actually be engrossed by Brittany and read such blathering sites like perez-hilton....yes, we have indeed come a long way baby.

Yes, we will be disconnected from the poverty and struggles of the world but this is really a good thing. Those people are really old societies - unlike our new america. We made it what it is, even the welfare state is a commodity that other societies simply cannot achieve. Think of it like we are the europeans to the native americans. They were in place for thousands of years yet evolved their own way.

Only this time, even our 'poverty' is an improvement on the norms of other places...they chose their path, they now have the ability of instant communication (thanks to USA) and they're jealous of how easy our lives can become.

I do not pity the strife areas of the world. I do not pity the Philippines and African nations with horrid 3rd world conditions and unemployment. They lasted in place for thousands of years but chose to not evolve. Now, they simply wont stop breeding. They cannot feed themselves at a level they never had historically. They blame other for interrupting their evolution (which wasnt happening) they embrace our technologies (that they did not develop), they have communications and see how the other side lives...and are jealous.

Screw em.

I like my 99 cent microwave macaroni from walmart. We did not breed them into poverty, they did that themselves. They want 'our' trappings of life but cant be bothered to mature as societies. We grew up and developed with cellphones over the course of 20 years. They woke up one day and decided it was a good thing to buy off the shelf....having no clue about it other than as a toy.

gwyn said...

i'm in the same boat as the girl on the last page of that story.

i hope i can sleep tonight.