Saturday, July 12, 2008

Choice between bad and worse

I will be voting for John McCain, but it isn't because I believe John McCain would be a good president. I will be voting for McCain because I believe Obama would be a significantly worse president. If Hillary Clinton had won the Democratic nomination, I would be voting for neither Clinton nor McCain. There is less than 5% difference between their voting records. The main factor which I judge a president is if they would be good for the economy independent of the cyclical ups and downs. Just from listening to Obama's campaign ads, I know that he will be far worse for the economy because he would impose higher cost to business to fund his entitlement and welfare programs which France has shown is a death spiral. Frankly, McCain isn't much better. He has shown that he is more than willing to vote to spend with the rest of pack. Neither of them will address the number one threat to the USA which is the coming economic armageddon as the bulk of the baby boomers retire and blow government spending in Medicare/Medicaid and Social Security through the roof. One day we will have economically conservative leaders, but I fear that day won't come until we experience the worst of our follies.

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