Thursday, July 15, 2010


Abortion is functionally is a waste of potential and a significant impact on the female body. The female body performs significant changes initiated by the fertilization of the egg in preparation to make the body an idea place as possible for the growth of the baby. Any deviation from this normal course does impact the woman physically and psychologically. Not only is all the energy and effort to grow a baby wasted, but the potential of the baby to become a human being of significant impact to society for the better is lost, and although the news concentrates on the negatively of humanity, most people are beneficial. What this means is that abortion should be a matter of last resort rather than treated as a casual choice. If no pregnancy is wanted, the best option is to avoid the situations would cause it to occur. The levels of effort ranging from abstinence to contraceptive devices/procedures to acts during sex which will try to avoid conception should be in accordance to how important it is to avoid conception to the couple.

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