Thursday, July 15, 2010

Fortunate for Republicans that Democrats took power

The Democrats winning both the executive branch and both sides of congress at a time when hard decisions had to be made about controlling spending, a weaker point for the Democrats than the Republicans in general although not by much, was the best thing that could happen to the Republicans. The Democrats, in their attempt to push their left leaning agenda, angered the bulk of the people by putting the economy and jobs in lesser priority than most people wanted. With only the shadow of Bush to blame which people didn't buy, the Democrats continued pushing their demands against the will of the people. This had the effect of galvanizing the eclectic conservatives who didn't identify themselves with the Republicans into supporting Republicans as the lesser of two evils. By trying to compromise to allay this growing force, the Democrats disillusioned their core supporters. The Democrats had an opportunity to push their main goals, but their control of power happened at the wrong time during the economic cycle, and they will pay the price for it.

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