Thursday, July 22, 2010

Pet health care industry - what our health care would look like if Congress mostly stayed out

Health insurance for pets has never really gotten off the ground, although it has been tried, because of the relatively lack of congressional interference with pet health care compared to human health care. Market forces unskewed by congressional attempts to "help" have made pet health care relatively affordable and quick to get. You will always have the extremes, but because congress isn't forcing broad strokes over all pets to address the extremes, even the cost at the extremes is on average significantly less comparably to us humans. So what we see in general is greater affordability and availability overall with pet heath care whereas with us humans, congress' injection of increasing amounts of money through health insurance to subsidize the health industry has only pushed prices and affordable health care farther away and has abnormally affected market forces so that supply isn't where the demand needs it to be. This isn't even addressing the incredible amount of complexity all the laws have introduced which are the main reason for high overhead to manage health insurance.

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