Thursday, November 16, 2006

The greatest threat to the USA

The biggest danger to the country is the looming economic armageddon when the bulk of the baby boomers retire causing the parasitic programs called Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid to break our economy because they are mandatory budget line items. In order to save our country, we need fiscally conservative congresspeople who aren't under the heel of the largest lobbyist, the AARP, on capitol hill fueling the culture of corruption. The current congress is dominated by fiscal liberals. The overt fiscal liberals who call themselves Democrats and the fiscal liberals in social conservative clothing that are most Republicans will lead our country to doom. We need to elect congresspeople who are, at the minimum, willing to overturn the mandatory line item status of these programs, but what our country really needs are people who are willing to cut these programs instead of just differing on the rate of increase. These programs already take half our federal tax dollars dwarfing the Iraq war and Katrina spending. While those spending are transitory, Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid are the gorillas on our back that just get bigger and bigger every year.

For those short-sighted people whose first reaction is to cry that this is hurting people, they overlook that these programs take far more money than they should be returning. If we took the money that Social Security robs from us and put it in almost any other investment vehicle, we would get multiples of the pittance that Social Security spits at us, and we would be able to retire without needing to find extra sources of money. Medicare and Medicaid are abused beyond reason by both recipients and providers. Recipients hide their income to avoid paying their fair share, and providers inflate costs ridiculously. This has the additional effect on the rest of us by removing the economic pressure to keep medical prices down resulting in the dramatically rising cost of health care which has eaten away at our tax cuts and more these past couple years. Medicard/Medicaid need to be severely modified so that it only pays the people who need it the amount that they need. This isn't happening now.

If you care about the well being of this country, vote in fiscal conservatives.

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