Friday, November 17, 2006

Silver lining

Headline news has repeatedly pointed out the negatives from the latest September poll of Iraqis:

Here are things headline news miss:

57% view the Iranian president unfavorably
95% view Bin Laden unfavorably
52% view Sadr unfavorably
94% view Al Quaida unfavorably
61% still say the hardships endured is worth the ousting of Saddam
For the first time, over half, 53%, believe the Iraqi security forces will be strong enough to deal with security on its own. However, almost half, 46%, still believe the Iraqi security forces still need help, and of those who believe they will need help, the largest chunk say it will be for 3 years or longer.
Even though they continue to dislike foreign soldiers, more of them believe that security will be worse if they left: 34% in this survey compared to 30% in previous survey.
Regardless, the largest chunk believe that the level of violence will be better in 6 months at 38% compared to 30% who think it will be worse.
65% believe the Iraqi government is legitimate.
72% view it likely that Iraq will still be a single state 5 years from now.

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