Sunday, November 26, 2006

What history will say

What history will see is 9/11 as being the catalyst for the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq as the USA faces the islamic radicalism it has been ignoring until 9/11. Realizing that past failed strategies of lobbing bombs from afar was only strengthening muslim popular support for the extremists and giving them the initiative to perform attacks like 9/11, the USA took the offensive to the middle east where their people became deeply entwined with the fate of the middle east unlike the past. As expected, there were significant setbacks as Iraq felt its way towards democracy and islamic extremists from neighboring countries did their best to defeat the USA. In the long run, the perseverence paid off and both Afghanistan and Iraq are shining examples of what is possible if the people are allowed to determine the fate of their country.


Malfrat said...

Have another glass of Kool-aid, Sang. Choose your flavor.

Sang J. Moon said...

If I wanted this much empty content, I would read one of your blogs. Next time, post some meat.